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Swimming marathon Podstrana 2019 – recreational race

Swimming Marathon „Podstrana 2019. – NG7“ – recreational race 1000 m

Date:      14.7.2019.
Time:      from 8:30 h until 13:30 h
Place:      In front of the Sailing club Podstrana, Mutogras – Podstrana,


THE MARATHON PROPOSITIONS – 2.500 m and 7.500 m

Organizer: Sports association Nova generacija 7 – SUNG 7, Podstrana.



Recreational race lasting 1.000 m. The start position is in front of the Sailing club
“Podstrana”, the swimming course is set out in a trianglular shape for 1000 m two buoys a
turn) anticlockwise. You are supposed to pass the bouy on your left hand side.



  • Members of sports associations and recreational athletes from Croatia or abroad are
    welcome to participate,
  • Women and men are competing at the same time, but the results are evaluated
  • Each contestant is participating at their own responsibility which they will confirm by
    signing a written statement during the application process,
  • Persons under the age of 18 can only compete if they provide a written statement
    from a parent or a guardian which allows them to participate in the race.


The competitors are competing in these categories:


  • The category for those up to 13 years of age (M/F) ,
  • The category for those 14 – 19 years of age (M/F),
  • The category for those 20 – 35 years of age (M/F),
  • The category for those 36 or older (M/F).



Awards by categories:


    • 1st place – a cup + prize money,
    • 2nd place – a cup + prize money,
    •  3rd place – a cup + prize money.


  • The first three places in the category – medals,
  • The youngest and the oldest participant – a symbolic prize (option).

Each competitor will get a shirt and a medal for finishing the marathon. Also, food
and drinks are provided for each competitor. Each competitor can download certificate for
participate in the marathon in PDF format from web page
www.sung7.hr .



  • Each competitor is participating at their own risk – confirming it by signing an
    Application form to participate in the marathon. The liability isn’t transferable to the
    organizer under any circumstances,
  • For participants under the age of 18, their parent of guardian must provide the
    signature. With said Application form, they need to sign a statement allowing the
    minor to participate in the race,
  • Minors without their statement signed won’t be allowed to participate,
  • The time limit for the race is 45 minutes after the race starts.



  • You can apply through the web site: www.sung7.hr,
  • The application process will be open until 11.07.2019. (Thursday) at 23:59 h,
  • The participant has the right to compete after they have paid the registration fee and
    correctly filled out the application form online.
  • You will be able to apply at the Start position on the day of the race as well.



  • The competition will begin on the 14.07.2019. (Sunday) at 8:30 h and end 45 minutes
    after the race starts,
  • The competitors who finish the race in this time limit will be competing officially.



  • Registration fee will be 100,00kn for payments made before the 11.07. 2019. at
    Registration fee is paid through a general payment slip or through internet
    banking into the Sailing associations account,
  • Registration fee on the day of the competition is 100,00kn and it’s payable in cash.

Payment details:

Payer:                                          Name and Surname of the participant,

Recipient:                                   Sports association Nova generacija 7 – SUNG 7,

Amount:                                      100,00 kn,

IBAN:                                            HR5723600001102670900,

Reference number:                14072019,

Description of payment:      Registration fee for the marathon – Name and Surname of the participant.

  • It’s necessary to bring the confirmation of payment on the day of the race.



All participants who want to stay in a private accommodation can contact the Tourist Board
of Podstrana (tel/mob: 0038521333775/00385955410667, mail: info@visitpodstrana.hr) or
the organizer of the marathon (mob: 00385981940281, mail: vg.gavelo@gmail.com).



  • The organizer will provide a health service and life guards during the competition,
  • The participants will be closely monitored by boats during the race,
  • The rules to the „Podstrana 2019. – NG7“ swimming marathon – according to The
    Rules of Competition of the Croatian Swimming Federation (
  • The list of allowed swimwear (including regular swimwear) – Available at:
  • In inadequate suits (neoprene for triathlon and similar) participation is possible but
    out of competition.

While swimming, it is forbidden( = automatic disqualification):

  • Shortening the path,
  • Any physical conflict (kicking other competitors etc.),
  • Touching the life boats (with intention to rest etc.).



The organizer has the right to amend the proposal for the competition.

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